Joey Ramone

Harm Weistra.





Exhibitions at JOEY RAMONE:

Seen but Unnoticed

27.05 – 01.07.2017


Encounters & Confrontations

09.11 – 14.12.2013


I Miss My Youth
Alexis Milne, Dwight Marica, Harm Weistra, Jan Robert Leegte, Joris Kuipers, Marcel Niehoff

17.11 - 22.12.2012




Harm Weistra studied Visual Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where he gradualted in 2011. He holds an MA in Social Sciences from Utrecht University. He started his career as journalist and teacher of journalism at the University of Zwolle.

He was nominated and selected as best emerging artist at the NeuNow World Wide Festival for Graduates (2012). He is recipient of both the Stipendium for Emerging Artists (2015) and the Stipendium for Established Artists (2019) granted by the Mondriaan Fund.

He is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.




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