Joey Ramone

Do An Al Ins Tall

Organized by DE PLAYER

Fri 24 May 2019 | open: 18:00 | end: 23:00
Free Entrance


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Albert Mayr (AT)
Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)
Domas van Wijk (NL)

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There is no better place than a white space. This evening includes an exhibition with specific moments focused on the performance of a concert. It will be an event consisting of a mix of concertants and installation works by three artists who experiment with mechanical processes to organize audio-related works. That is why we chose to work together for this event. A project like this goes very well with JOEY RAMONE's attitude towards the dynamics of art, and the presentation of mechanical performances in this space matches with DE PLAYER's search for new social and artistic interfaces for audiovisual performative art.

Andreas Trobollowitsch is a Vienna-based composer, performer and sound- and installation artist. He works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation, 
and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio. Based on rotation, vibration and feedback systems he mainly uses modified everyday objects, prepared fans and string instruments for his installation works. Recently he has primarily been focusing on conceptual compositions, self-developed musical instruments and sound and drawing installations. Interested in dichotomy of the intellectual and the physical he includes visual aspects, spatiality, movement, and the way that they relate to sound.

Albert Mayr is another artist from Vienna who makes installations and performances which often involve sound. His performances remind of Viennese Actionism. His readymades refer to Erwin Wurm or Frans West and his humor is similar to that of Ernst Jandl, Gerhard Ruhm or Dominik Steiger. He likes to experiment with electroacoustic and heavy noise music as input. Especially the physical aspect, when it influences your body and the brain as a kind of meditative state. Using fire crackers, drippings, waterpower, plants, fans, computerscreens, wigs and you name it.

Domas van Wijk is a Rotterdam based artist who makes installations of devices which respond and relate to each other. The spectator is asked to watch to a sophisticated play of elements. Because although these devices are in contact with each other, it is not a language of people but of technical interaction which is spoken here. Van Wijk is simultaneously embodying the roles of being an artist as well as the figure of a trickster, creating layers and webs of different interlinked meanings and connections. He instigates synchronicity and proximity between parallel universes. Based on chance he blends different worlds, and brings them together in sculptural assemblages in which animism serves to prioritize the medium as the message and the message as the medium in equal fashion.



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