Joey Ramone

Fotini Gouseti.





Exhibitions at JOEY RAMONE:

Light Beige with Little Black Flowers

07.06 – 12.07.2014


09.06 - 14.07.2012







Fotini Gouseti is a visual artist and PhD researcher in Anthropology. She studied Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts, GR (BA), Dutch Art Institute, NL (MA) and is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology at the University of Thessaly, Greece.

For the last years she has been deeply involved in different working environments, which often requires moving to different places and engaging herself with a variety of communities, mentalities, social classes and lifestyles. Her practice is research-based, socially-engaged and often considered 'political'. She aims for results that address a broad, not necessarily specialized audience.




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