Joey Ramone

Domas van Wijk
Works That Scare My Dog
11.02 – 01.04.2023


joey ramone domas van wijk



JOEY RAMONE is proud to welcome you to the 1st solo exhibition at the gallery by Domas van Wijk (Zeist, 1993) entitled Works That Scare My Dog.
 The exhibition will open on the 11th of February, 20.00 – 22.00hrs in the framework of the Rotterdam Art Week Gallery Night and will run till the 1st of April 2023.
The installations of Domas van Wijk are made of existing objects, machines, and situations that find new appropriation and meaning through the combinations Van Wijk creates between them. As is typical for contemporary technology, the mechanics driving the different elements remain incomprehensible. Yet, the sounds that are produced by the various "meeting points" make these invisible mechanisms and electric connections sensible. Although the authorship of the artist is inexplicitly present in the relationship between the different elements of his installations, they seem self-sustaining, animated with a life of their own.

Van Wijk's new works and the combination between them point to the fundamentality of the selection, forms of display, and contextual framing. Van Wijk takes familiar things – that are part of our day-to-day urban environment – to create highly suggestive alternative readings of these known things.

Domas van Wijk's exhibition is a space of mediation, bringing the individual objects together in a sculptural assemblage, in which animism serves to prioritize the carrier as the content and the content as the carrier equally. Even in the smallest of particles, matter needs time to manifest itself. That is to say: No "matter'' how still an object may seem, it is actually in motion and part of a process. The proposal is an invitation to experience a "performance of things"; becoming together something novel; something that is greater than the sum of its parts.




Domas Van Wijk (Zeist, 1993) graduated from ArtEZ Arnhem in 2017.






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