thijs ebbe fokkens

Acting on Impasse
10 June - 11 July


JOEY RAMONE is proud to host the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery by Dutch artist Thijs Ebbe Fokkens. The exhibition which occupies both gallery and project spaces opens on Saturday 13 June from 5-8pm and runs till Saturday 11 July. The exhibition is part of Poetry International Art & Language Gallery Tour and for this occasion is open to public already form Wednesday 10 June.  

The work of Thijs Ebbe Fokkens can be read as a story that alludes to scientific and religious endeavors that people undertake to get a grip on the world. His combinations of drawings, photographs, models and installations tell us of obscure moments and mysterious places.

Fokkens' scenes and situations derive from the desire to capture significance and the search for an ideal vantage point to do so, to get a good look at notions about us, about the self and the tech, about nature, time and other narratives.

To orientate and position oneself in regard to such complex notions a view is needed that takes a lot of things into account simultaneously. Fokkens' trail of thoughts and actions thus ends up creating a space, not stating a point. It's an ambiguous space, full of promise, where nothing has come to a conclusive resolution yet. This poetic situation, this impasse that is the habitat of the work and world of the artist Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, provides the opportunity to contemplate and wonder.

Thijs Ebbe Fokkens (1981, Groningen NL) currently lives and works in The Hague. He studied at the St.Joost Academy in Breda and is co-founder of the artists' initiative Location Z, based in The Hague.
Recent projects and exhibitions include The Meeting of the Eye @ DordtYart (NL), Liminal Lab @ Nida Art Colony (LT), Future Reflections @ Art Rotterdam (NL), Inside Job @ Baracca Londen (UK), For Real @ 38CC Delft (NL), The Aleph @ Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort (NL) and Hole in One @ Kunstverein Leverkusen (DE).

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