mette sterre

METTE STERRE| Sairagaz. Honey You'Re No Sea bunny
3 September - 8 October 2016

Private View: Saturday 3 September at 5 - 8pm

JOEY RAMONE is proud to present "Sairagaz. Honey You'Re No Sea Bunny", the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery by Dutch artist Mette Sterre The exhibition opens on Saturday 3 September at 5 - 8pm and runs till Saturday 8 October 2016.

Sairagaz is at the etymological base for the word sorry and means "sad". Sea bunnies are actual slugs, living on the bottom of the sea. Sometimes what comes from deep down needs to bubble up.

All the work in this first solo of Mette Sterre has been made in the past year when living on the 24th floor of the Balfron Tower, a brutalist high rise in East London. In this world she has felt just right; surrounded by clouds, the skyline of the bursting city of london. Here she has gathered her thoughts and imagination of a quickly gentrifying city and its abundance of flora and fauna; growing up and resisting this; giving her space to reflect and recreate her own world, without disturbance.

Mette Sterre's work is all about creating a strategy for the escape room that is called life. In this proposed meta-narratives she creates body-masks in the shape of costumes that are as much as characters brought to life in a performance as well as autonomous sculptures.

Mette Sterre (Delft, 1983) is a London/Rotterdam based artist. Her work has been shown in the 2015 Prague Theatre Design Quadrinale, the Watermill Center and Cue Art Foundation in New York, Glasgow International, the Trienale Design Museum in Milan, Scope Art Basel, the Museum of Everything in the Kunsthal, the Platform Theatre in London. She's a visiting practitioner at Central Saint Martins, where she graduated in 2014 from the MA Performance Design & Practice. She graduated from her bachelor in Autonomous Fine Art at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam in 2006. She was included in the Catlin Guide, a bookwork presenting the best graduating artists of the United Kingdom, as well as the best graduating artists from the University of the Arts London to represent them on the Art15 fair in London Olympia. She has worked with Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Robert Wilson, Andrey Bartanev, Getinthebackofthevan, Christopher Knowles amongst others. Her work has been published in Vogue, the Wall street Journal, the New York Times, Artefact Magazine and Volkskrant Magazine. She just finished off the collaboration between TENT Rotterdam, Kunsthal, and the Curacao Institute IBB of David Bade and Tirzo Martha in their participation for the Rotterdam Summer Carnival.